Gender, Race, and Class in London

Fall 2022

Any student in any US college or university can participate. You’ll earn 12-15 semester (18-22 quarter) upper division credits by taking three required classes with the option to add an internship or take another liberal arts course at the Global Education Oregon London Centre in Bloomsbury. You’ll live in a flat in central London with other students in the program and have a tube pass for traveling throughout Zones 1 and 2. Each week, you’ll meet at the GEO Centre for lectures, discussions, guest speakers, and videos, and you’ll participate in short excursions around town related to topics in your classes. You’ll also have full day excursions to places like Oxford or Stonehenge and one multi-day excursion to Cardiff and Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.

Law & Order UK: The Sociology of Crime & Punishment

Dr. Michelle Inderbitzin, Associate Professor of Sociology, Oregon State University

Learn about the UK’s justice system and explore the ways gender, race, and class work in British law, policing, courts, and prisons. Visit the Tower of London, Old Bailey, and the Royal Courts of Justice.

Law & Order UK: British Murder Mysteries & TV Crime Dramas

Dr. Susan Shaw, professor of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Oregon State University

Discover the origins of crime fiction. Read mystery novels and watch British crime dramas such as Line of Duty, Happy Valley, and Midsomer Murders. Explore how gender, race, and class are at work in these fictional works of crime and punishment. Visit the “scenes of the crimes” and take a walking tour of Whitechapel focused on The Five, the women killed by Jack the Ripper.

A History of Women & Gender in England and Wales

Dr. Amanda Milburn, director of the GEO London Centre

Learn about the lives of English and Welsh women and LGBTQ people across the centuries. Take a queer walking tour of Soho and trace the protests of the Suffragettes. Visit Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales and explore how issues of race, labor, and immigration have shaped gendered lives in the past and present.

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